CEO Message

RANIX is a company that designs and develops advanced non-memory semiconductor chips along with the development of rapidly changing industries.

RANIX is a company that is perpetually challenging in research and development to provide the best system semiconductors and solutions, confronted with the convergence and integration era between industries changing rapidly. We are committed to developing core technologies of autonomous vehicles and internet of things(IoT), which are national strategy projects to lead the future of a nation. Particularly, we are the only company in Korea that has V2X modem solutions, essential solution for completing the autonomous vehicle. On the other hand, we are initiatively developing the security and authentication chip solutions to protect various hacking attacks that must be solved for the growth of the IoT industry. Prior to the development of these strategic technologies, we have already developed and customized the relevant basic technologies for more than 10 years.

DSRC modem chip, a Korea standard automobile dedicated communication protocol, was launched successfully in 2007 and is built into the ETCS(Electronic Toll Collection System) terminal of Hyundai-Kia Motors/GM-Daewoo/Imported car-Benz, BMW, Audi, and VW, which in total occupies about 90% of Korea ETCS before market Our authentication chips, used for the activation of smartphone accessories, are supplied to the domestic smartphone manufacturer. The development of system semiconductor should be preceded before everything else in order to spread new R&D technologies on their target market. It’s sometimes arduous and struggling to overcome the risks and pioneer new technologies at the forefront but we are making an earnest effort with a sense of duty and passion to enhance national competitiveness and to raise status of national technology.

All members of RANIX will always do our best to grow into a global company representing the Republic of Korea.