Automotive Communication

DSRC Baseband SoC for China ETCS (C-ETC)
Standard : GB/T-20851.x (5.8GHz Band)
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速龙(THoTH) Chip integrates a number of key components in one package to support different application and advanced features required by the car.
Key components of 速龙(THoTH) Chip are CPU, Peripherals, modem, SDRAM, LDO, Smart Card Interface, CAN and USB etc.
Through ARM Cortex-M3, system peripherals and H/W DSRC modem, it provides the most cost-effective solution for DSRC based applications.
速龙(THoTH) Chip supports China Standard GB T 20851.x.
Built-in smart card buffer, regulator and serial NAND flash controller are versatile for a small and low price product.

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- Embedded ARM Cortex-M3, 80MHz

- SDRAM (Main Memory, 8MB)



- GB/T-20851 standard

- Multi RF Interface (SPI & Dedicated Control)



- ISO 7816-3 Compliant Smart Card Interface(SCI)

- USB Full-speed

- CAN 2.0B (with FD)

- Serial Flash Interface (with Fast Boot Mode)

- I2S (with WAVPACK, SDRAM Bypass Mode)


 - Detecting the Forced Detachment, Using Secondary Battery [Patent]

 - 65 General Purpose I/O Ports



 - Main/SC LDO, PLL, PoR, XTAL

 - ADC (6bit, 1KSPS, 2ch)



 - 0.18㎛ CMOS Standard Cell Library

 - 100pin LGA (14mm x 14mm, 0.5mm Pitch)


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