Automotive Communication

WAVE Baseband ASIC for V2X Communication
Standard : IEEE 802.11p, 1609.x (5.9GHz Band)
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RANiX WAVE is baseband ASIC device optimized for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.
This high performance S-WAVE has developed for safety, convenience, and commercial applications in vehicular environment.
With low latency and robust TX/RX capability under harsh automotive mobile condition, S-WAVE will serve cooperative road safety and traffic efficiency.
RANiX’s V2X technology will integrate crypto engine for advanced security, RF transceiver, high speed application processor as well as modem device to provide the lowest cost for new ITS solution worldwide.

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- Enhancement for Multi-paths and Doppler Frequency

- 1Km Cell Coverage, 200Km/h mobility

- MRC Diversity

- Compliant with IEEE 802.11p



- Compliant with IEEE1609.x

- WSMP (WAVE Short Message Protocol)

- Multi-channel Operation for CCH/SCH Respectively


- GPS/UTC Sync


Crypto Engine

- ECDSA NIST 224 with SHA 224

- ECDSA NIST 256 with SHA 256


- AES CCM 128


OS & Software

- Linux, Boot, Kernel Image

- Peripherals Driver

- WAVE S/W Stack


Peripherals (Including EVM)

- Support External Memory Interface (EMI) : 32/16bit

-UART, Ethernet, GPS, DDR Memory IF, SC IF


- 10bit ADC

- 10bit DAC




- 0.13㎛ CMOS Standard Cell Library

- 420pin BGA (18mm x 18mm)

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V2X Wireless Communication for Autonomous Vehicles
D2X Wireless Communication for Autonomous Drones