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Trustable IoT device is able to be distinguished from counterfeit device, verify messages like as actuator, firmware and configuration data used for its operation, perceive tampering of device itself and send secure message from eavesdropping and tampering.
These capabilities can be implemented by cryptographic technology but generously, lack of computing resource of embedded device make it difficult.
Even if the device has sufficient resources to perform cryptographic operations, the device can be easily taken over by an attacker.
Therefore, key data such as encryption keys stored in internal nonvolatile memory must be protected from subchannel attacks or similar physical attacks.
PLUTO RS1211 is an encryption device that provides authentication and confidential non-volatile data storage using AES-128, LEA-128 and ARIA-128 encryption engines.
The crypto engines have countermeasures against to side channel attack (SPA/DPA) and support CCM (couter with CBC MAC) block cipher mode.
PLUTO RS1211 incorporates multiple security mechanisms to prevent release of the internally stored secrets, as well as secure personalization features to facilitate third-party product .

  • Overview
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Pure Logic Implementation

- Low Cost, Low Power


8Kbit Secure Storage

- 2Kbit for System, 6Kbit for Applications


Symmetric Crypto Engines

- LEA (128bit), AES (128bit), ARIA (128bit)


True Random Number Generator

- 32bit


Countermeasure to Power Analysis Attack




- I2C (100Kbps, 400Kbps)


Separated Access Condition for Multi Application

- 6Keys


Unique Chip ID

- 7byte


One Time Programming Memory

- 64byte


Monotonic Counter (up to 1,048,575)

- 4byte×2ea


Power Management

- Active, Standby and Sleep Mode



- 0.18㎛ EEPROM



- 8pin DFN (2mm×3mm, 0.75T)

- 8pin ESOP (6.3mm×4.9mm, 1.45T)

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