Authentication Security

Powerful Security SoC
Programmable IoT Security Chipset with Advanced Crypto Algorithms
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PLUTO RS2332 is feature-rich SoC for IoT built-in high-security and robust cryptographic functions.
it provides advanced and efficient protection against side-channel, fault-injection and physical attacks.
It also provides the physical separation of all security functions from the main processor and offers options for access controls and memory integrity checks to enable protection against software attacks.
These advantages facilitate IoT device developers minimize efforts to make their device securely.
Addition to the strong security functions, the RS2332 supports 256Kbytes user memory and various interfaces, CAN, SPI, I2C, UART and ISO7816.
Also it has a 10bit/8-Channel Analog Digital Converter and PWM, it makes the controller can be used for entry-level IoT MCU. These features make the controller extending capabilities and usages of a security controller.
Finally, system designer can design cost-effective, secure IoT device with low BOM cost.

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32bit High Performance Secure Core

- Bus/Data Scramble, Random Stall, SMPU


Flash Memory

- 256Kbyte



- 16Kbyte


Symmetric Crypto Engines

- TDES, AES (256bit), LEA (256bit), ARIA (256bit)


Asymmetric Crypto Engines

- RSA (2048bit), ECC (256bit)


Hash Engines

- SHA-1, SHA-2


True Random Number Generator

Countermeasure to Power Analysis Attack



Abnormal Attack Detection Sensors

- Active Shield, Voltage, Glitch, Light, Temperature, Clock


Rich External Interface

- UART, SPI, I2C, ISO7816, CAN



- 10bit, 8channel



RTC (Real Time Clock)


- Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5V



- 55nm EFLASH



- 76pin QFN (9mm×9mm, 0.75T)

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Automotive Security
Network Applications
Consumer Electronics
Healthcare Equipment & Networks
Entry Level MCU with Tamper Protection
Energy Generation & Distribution Systems